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Online Marketing

The way it should be… with provable, trackable results so you can capture leads on your website and your social media and track them as they become customers.


A professional website is the first step towards building trust with a visitor so they convert to a satisfied customer.  It is your 24/7 sales person.

Graphic Design

We understand that online isn’t your only audience.  We design and print the awesome tools you need to make a good impression anywhere you are.

Computer Repair

We focus on fast, efficient computer repair without all the jargon so your business doesn’t suffer any unnecessary down-time due to technology malfunctions.

Grow Your Business

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What is Google Page Rank & Why You Should Care

Want to boost your SEO? Then Page Rank is one thing you should definitely be looking at since it is one of the key factors that plays a role in where your web page will show up in the Google search engine results.
by Allison Smith on Jul 08, 2015

Why "Professionally Neutral" Isn't Always a Good Marketing Strategy

  There are a LOT of hot-button topics hitting the nation and our local communities at the moment.  Everything from confederate flags to marriage equality.  As a business owner, this can leave you in a pretty tight spot. On one hand, you have your personal views on these topics... but on the other, you have to also decide wh
by Christina Hooper on Jul 01, 2015

Where should I host my blog, domain, website, and email?

In my experience, one of the most complicated parts of getting a new company blog or website is understanding how hosting works.  There are four main parts of your hosting: domain, website files, blog files, and email. You can have all three hosted with one company, or each one with a different company, or any combination of those.  
by Christina Hooper on Jun 17, 2015

8 Terms you should know when you're getting a business website!

When you own a business, you are constantly bombarded with options for where to invest your limited funds.  You try to research every decision, and ask all the right questions, but still are forced to 'trust your gut' more than you'd like to.
by David Hooper on Jun 15, 2015

How To Make Sure You Get Usable Company & Staff Photos From Shoot

Ok… so in the full interest of disclosure, this article is a blend of helpful advice and a rant against photographers that is born from over a decade of graphic design work where I get to work with the end results from high-dollar, company photo shoots. I have NEVER - and I do mean NEVER - gotten photos from a photographer that did a shoot for
by Christina Hooper on Jun 05, 2015

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